love capacity

Today was Grandma’s funeral.

It was nice, and altogether not as sad feeling as Grandad’s was last year. I think that may be because Grandma’s passing was less of a shock… That, and the fact that there was no piper playing at this one. Wow, the emotional energy from a lone piper playing something like Amazing Grace – it’s just incredible to experience. Always makes me cry like a newborn.

I was asked to read some scripture at the funeral. 1 Peter 1:3-9 to be exact. My Aunty apparently chose me to read that one as she knew it would be of special significance for me, being a Christian and all. That was very sweet of her.

Grandma and Grandad were so in love – it was amazing. They’d been married over 60 years when Grandad died a few days short of his 90th birthday. And Grandma celebrated her 80th not two weeks before she passed – around 9 months since Grandad went. They had this wee heart shaped photo frame with a photo of them in it. Each of them died holding it.

My wife and I have always looked at their marriage and held it as something of an example to us. It is our hope to be that happy, that in love – still – after 60+ years too.

It struck me that we all have the capacity to love like they did. We all have the ability within us to express love for another – whether we do or not is a choice that is up to us.

Go on – I dare ya!

God Bless

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