Healthy Cynicism and Free Chocolate.

There are scams doing the rounds. Double check sources everyone!

I just sent this email out to our staff – under the title “Don’t believe everything you read.”

We are in the unfortunate position of having to request that staff exercise a level of cynicism – especially regarding requests for assistance that come via email or other methods that aren’t “face-to-face”.

There are people out there who will attempt to take advantage of the general ‘want to help’ nature of our staff – please be aware of any financial requests that come to you (requests to purchase iTunes vouchers for example) – even if the email purports to be from a current or ex-staff member.

Any request like this should be double checked with the individual – either face-to-face or via a known phone number (e.g. not one supplied in the email requesting the assistance).

If in doubt, you can double click the display name of the email sender, to see the email that the request originated from. If the email address is not an internal one, it’s likely the request is a scam. Even if it is an internal one, the request should still be double checked if it is financial in nature.

Thank you for your attention, and stay safe out there! Our staff are our last line of defence when it comes to these sorts of scams.

Oh, and the free chocolate? Unfortunately, that’s an example of not believing everything you read. 😉

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  1. This will probably seem like a random comment and may seem dumb but what did you name your blog “two or more” after? I would assume Matthew 18:20? Did you realize that it actually reads “where two or three” are gathered..? & there is not one version of the Bible that currently says “where two or more” even though many people (including myself) remember that being exactly what was in the bible. You can go pull any Bible off your shelf no matter how old it is and it will say “two or three” . You’ll notice that the bible verse at the heading of your blog (that you most likely pasted from a bible program) has been updated to the current reality all bibles now read, even though when you inputed it, it said “two or more”. Other key verses in the bible Including Isaiah 11:6 “The lion shall lay with the lamb” now reads “The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb”, & there is no Bible that still reads “The Lion shall lay with the lamb”. Pull out and check for yourself, end times prophesies are unfolding right before us and I am studying this phenomena, and compiling some research. I would love to hear “why” you named your blog this, if the bible truly never said this… love to hear your feedback! blessings, Josh

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