life etc…

So, my Granddad passed away recently. He was a day off of 91 on the day of his funeral. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Dunedin in time to see him before he went.

Rather upsetting really – but it was lovely to catch up with family, and spend some time with Grandma before returning home.

Dunedin, and the South Island in general, is a beautiful place. For some reason, though my wife and I have never lived there, Dunedin feels like home. I suspect that we will be living there at some point in the future.

While away, I found out my boss resigned – and his boss would like me to be acting manager in between him leaving and a new manager starting. All rather daunting – but a good opportunity to try something different on for size.

Maybe it’s time to move ‘up’ from being a techie? We shall see…..

interesting vista….

Just helping a friend set up a new PC he bought. Brand new dual-core HP – nice piece of kit for an off the shelf thing.

Took an age for Vista to configure itself and be ready to start tweaking and installing stuff. Actually was quicker to boot an Ubuntu live CD, repartition the hard disk and install a whole operating system (and more!).

Rather interesting I thought.