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So, my Granddad passed away recently. He was a day off of 91 on the day of his funeral. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Dunedin in time to see him before he went.

Rather upsetting really – but it was lovely to catch up with family, and spend some time with Grandma before returning home.

Dunedin, and the South Island in general, is a beautiful place. For some reason, though my wife and I have never lived there, Dunedin feels like home. I suspect that we will be living there at some point in the future.

While away, I found out my boss resigned – and his boss would like me to be acting manager in between him leaving and a new manager starting. All rather daunting – but a good opportunity to try something different on for size.

Maybe it’s time to move ‘up’ from being a techie? We shall see…..

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