off with the xandros, on to eeebuntu

Wandering around the net looking for EeePC information, I came across this.

Ok, that and the fact you can’t effectively secure the sudo access on this wonderful machine, made me have at look at options.

Right now, I’m using eeebuntu – the Netbook Remix Edition.

Very nice – particularly the UME launcher….

Startup and shutdown is a *tiny* bit slower than the standard Xandros install – but not so much as I thought it might be. In fact, once it’s going, general use is actually quicker (like starting OpenOffice writer etc). Though, that could be because it’s the 2.4 version rather than the 2.0 version…

Of netbooks and laptops

So, yesterday morning, my shiny new EeePC 900 arrived. One of the first few in the country no less. Very cool.

After having played with 701 series for some time through work, I decided that I’d really like one of those as multi-purpose kind of 2nd home PC cum roadtrip toolbox. I decided to go for a white one as I wanted something different from all those darkly coloured PCs and always had a soft spot for the white Apple hardware. Plus, wifey likes the pearlescent white finish. 🙂

I’m staying with the Xandros linux OS for now, though I’m watching Ubuntu’s netbook remix with interest. That would be rather cool as I use Ubuntu at home (~7yrs) and work (~3yrs) at the moment.

So far, I’ve loaded up some useful work type stuff (nxclient from, pptpconfig, wine+VNC viewer – the enterprise one with AD authentication, bluetooth pairing to use the Palm 750v as a 3G modem) and some more personal stuff (GnomeSword, mplayer).

The quick among you may have noticed the bluetooth reference – no, it’s not built in. I purchased a wee micro-USB dongle for ~$25 off of trademe – works a charm too.

Watch this space….

interesting vista….

Just helping a friend set up a new PC he bought. Brand new dual-core HP – nice piece of kit for an off the shelf thing.

Took an age for Vista to configure itself and be ready to start tweaking and installing stuff. Actually was quicker to boot an Ubuntu live CD, repartition the hard disk and install a whole operating system (and more!).

Rather interesting I thought.

Time lag

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s almost been a whole year since I made this blog and stuck a post on it. Show’s just how time flies eh? Or at least, how much time I have to blog anyway……

I really would like to publish stuff here more often but, well, you know how it goes.

I’m currently trying out Beryl/AiGLX on my Ubuntu workstation at work. Veerry nice indeed – and a lot faster than I figured it would be with all the extra eye candy. Doesn’t work so nice together with my gDesklets at the moment but I guess that will be addressed in future releases of both pieces of code.

A crazy thing happened yesterday – our church got ‘fire-bombed’ as the Pastor put it. It’s quite amazing that the damage wasn’t more extensive – it could quite easily have been much worse. As it is, it looks like God intervened super-naturally and put the fire out. We’ve been left with a smashed window and a burnt hole in a curtain where whatever was on fire was chucked in through the hole in the window – and a small patch of scorched carpet. Awesome eh? Old hairy legs must be getting a bit anxious about the headway we’re making in the community for God…

Must dash anwyay – this could well be all until next year! But I’ll continue to hope it won’t be……